Postpartum Support - Mothering the Mother

I structure my postpartum support from the books The Fourth Trimester and The First Forty Days: Nourishing the New Mother. I believe in planning for your postpartum period, setting realistic goals, and being gentle and kind to yourself as you heal and transition into motherhood. I believe this time can be both beautiful and challenging for you and your family.

As your postpartum doula, I'm honored to take care of the things important to you so you can focus on rest, recovery and caring for your newborn. My priority is on mothering the mother -- whether that's feeding you a nutritious meal in bed, helping you process your birth experience, or letting you slip into an herbal bath while your household is taken care of. Let me help make your transition into motherhood an empowering one!

Hourly postpartum support benefits include:

  • 30-minute postpartum planning session to assess needs

  • Help with household chores (washing dishes, folding clothes, tidying)

  • Feeding support (referrals, if needed)

  • Post-birth recovery help and resources

  • An herbal bath with postpartum healing herbs

  • Postpartum meal planning and nutrition coaching

  • Sibling and pet care

  • Meal prep and light errands

  • Postpartum lending library

  • Phone/email support for 2 weeks after postpartum visit

  • 2-hour minimum shifts*

Hourly Pricing

Postpartum support starts at $30/hour

6 hours = $175

8 hours = $225

10 hours = $275

$25 hourly rate beyond 10 hours

A la carte add-ons:

Infant massage lessons (plus massage balm) = $25

Handcrafted organic smoothie + a week of prep = $15

Hours available: Monday - Saturday 7am - 7pm

Postpartum Plus


The postpartum plus package includes hourly postpartum benefits, plus:

  • 10 hours postpartum support

  • Two frozen meals from a healthy meal service

  • Nourishing hand-crafted smoothie or herbal tea

  • Infant massage lessons

  • $25 hourly rate beyond 10 hours

  • Placenta encapsulation services (method of choice)


*A retainer fee of 50% of the total for services is due upon booking. Contact me to set up a free phone consult.