Frequently asked questions

What areas do you serve?

I am willing to travel within a 60-mile radius of my home in The Woodlands, Texas for births and placenta pickup/delivery. I service a smaller area, a 30-mile radius, for postpartum support. Anything outside those areas may incur a travel fee.

Is it ever too late to hire you as our doula?

I take clients at any point in their pregnancy. However, please be aware, the farther along you are the less time we have for meetings and getting to know each other.

What if I end up having a C-section?

Doulas are beneficial for Cesearean births as well. While my support may look a little different, I help clients in every step of the process. I help prenatally with putting together a family-centered Cesearean birth plan and, just as important, your postpartum plan. I guide you in processing your emotions and providing practical ways to help with any anxiety or fears. I can assist you and your partner in the OR, if allowed, and capture any photos/videos. My help is especially needed in the immediate postpartum with establishing breastfeeding and beginning the recovery process.

Do you ever leave a birth or send backup?

I do not have an hourly support clause in my contract. I believe birth is unpredictable and one thing you should be able to rely on is your doula's constant support. However, I do practice my own self-care during births. I may take breaks when appropriate and will always discuss with my clients and their family if I need to leave a birth and come back at a later time. I provide a back-up doula in the event of an emergency or if I am at another birth.

What if I have an epidural? Do you support medicalized births?

Every woman, no matter how they birth, deserves to be supported in the most important physical and emotional work she will ever do. Each client's journey looks different, and my doula role changes a little with each family I support, but I'm honored to witness the miracle of birth in every setting. What all my clients have in common is that they want to have options and be informed and respected along the way so they can birth with confidence.

What is your philosophy on birth?

I believe in physiological birth, the optimal functioning of childbirth as a safe process that includes labor, birth, and the first hour after birth for both you and your baby. I also believe in a holistic approach to birth, meaning 'whole self' - preparing the mind, body and spirit. However, my primary role is to support you and your beliefs about your own birth. I share evidence-based information and help you find resources for your specific journey, but provide nonjudgmental support and compassionate care.

What can I expect for our consultation?

I look at our consultation as a casual meeting with a new friend. We chat about your birth and goals, I answer all your questions, and we see if we're a good fit. No obligations--if you decide we are not a good fit, for whatever reason, I am happy to refer you to another doula who may better suit your needs.

Do you offer payment plans?

I offer payment plans for birth and postpartum packages only, after the initial deposit is paid. You can spread out your payments weekly, monthly, or whatever works best for your family and situation. I also offer a few discounts you will find on the 'birth support' page.