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What does it mean to give birth to your fullest potential?

This holistic and comprehensive two-day childbirth preparation class I have poured my heart and soul into is coming soon! I have combined all the things I have learned being a birth and VBAC doula, in every setting, with my love for health and nutrition into one exciting course. It will take place at a physical location in The Woodlands, TX, slated February 2022!


This series focuses on how pregnant women can prepare their whole-self for the journey that is labor and childbirth, and how the birth partner can support, empower, and advocate for and with her. Here is a summary of the class and what makes it unique:

  • This class gives an overview of the cultural history of childbirth in America and the importance of remembering our ancestral roots; you will be encouraged to incorporate your own traditions and rituals into your birth journey.

  • We spend a good amount of time learning of the importance of eating clean, nutritious, quality food and taking care of our physical and emotional health during pregnancy. Working with a holistic dietitian, you receive the most up-to-date advice and information on what to eat during pregnancy--we will sample food, learn to read labels, and provide you with shopping lists and recipes.

  • Our MYTH-BUSTING session of the class is fun and empowering and separates the fears and fiction of pregnancy and the laboring and birth process from actual evidence-based truth!

  • The class focuses on physiological birth and how our hormones, our environment, our feelings, and physical interventions all impact the way we birth. In doing so, couples learn how to effectively communicate their needs/wishes to each other and their birth team.

  • This class gets you familiar with birth so that it becomes natural and normal--with lots of visuals, videos, demonstrations, printouts to have at your birth, and more!

  • Couples will explore the physical ways to prepare for birth and find comfort in each stage of labor, by learning:

    • Anatomy of the body during pregnancy and how to support its functions

    • 5 Spinning Babies essential activities for a well-positioned baby

    • The Labor Circuit of positions and movements you can utilize in any birth setting, for each stage of labor

    • Different breathing and meditation methods for mindful birthing

    • Acupressure massage techniques and comfort tools for The Birth Partner's toolbox

  • Learn about the fourth trimester with a brief planning session all about putting together your plan for the postpartum period--breastfeeding, after-birth care, your emotional health and creating a safe space for healing.

  • We end the class series with a fun birth rehearsal. You can make it as real as you want!

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Beautiful girl, you can do hard things! Discover your full potential.

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